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Have you heard about Whiteboard Animation Software before? If you are not familiar with what a whiteboard video is then read on.

“Whiteboard animation” refers to a specific type of presentation that uses the process of creating a series of draw pictures on a whiteboard that are recorded in sequence and then played back to create an animated presentation.

Its a video style which shows a hand drawing illustrations. The illustrations are accompanied by narration or music which takes the viewer through the story that is told within the drawing.

To create an engaging explainer video, you would need to purchase appropriate software. Here is a the list of popular whiteboard animation softwares.

  1. Explaindio Video Creator
  2. VideoScribe
  3. Easy Sketch Pro
  4. TTS Sketch Maker
  5. VideoMakerFX
  6. GoAnimate

Because you are here, we will give you free access to download one of the above Whiteboard Animation software for free.

How to use the whiteboard animation software

The whiteboard animation production procedure begins with creating a topic. Once the topic is chosen, script writing beings. After the content is created, it is time to create rough drafts of animations. These assist to set up the inventive bearing and timing for the movement. The rest of the process is as follows:

  1. Compose the content
  2. Record the voiceover
  3. Make starting animations
  4. Organize the animations
  5. Make Guides
  6. Record the video
  7. Match up sound and video
  8. Include music
  9. Fare and Share

The steps listed above are not set in stone, they should be used as a guideline to create a whiteboard animation production.

Why Whiteboard Videos Are Great For Any Business

  • Whiteboard animation keeps attention: Due to the constant drawing motion, viewers anticipate what’s going to happen next. So they stay engaged with the video and want to finish watching it.
  • It is educational: Whiteboard animation engages viewers due to its “back to school” effect. When they see a whiteboard, they are ready to listen and learn whatever you would like to share with them.
  • It is universal: This video style is suitable for just about anything: from business videos to school presentations.
  • It improves conversion rates: People are 5 times more likely to purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter after watching a video than reading text alone.

Did you know that a whiteboard video has 15% retention rates than a normal video?

But to achieve such numbers, your whiteboard videos need to be strikingly good and you need the best whiteboard animation software. Here are a few pro tips that can help you make a great whiteboard video.

Whiteboard Animation Software Free Download: How to Use it

  1. Make sure your script tells a story:

Whether you are creating a video to spark the next revolution or to teach human evolution, the most important part of your video is the story.

The story engages your audience and makes them care about your message. How can you make your story interesting? The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle has the secret for you in his 3 act structure.

Break your story into 3 parts:

  • Setup- Introduce the main character or concept
  • Confrontation- Expose the central conflict
  • Resolution- Show how you are going to solve the problem

    In the digital age, why should you follow a process that is several centuries old? Well, because it works. Whether it is your favorite TV series or the summer blockbuster, every great story can always be classified into the three acts

2. Use a continuous narrative

All the assets of your whiteboard come together to tell a story. Erasing the board at the end of every scene disrupts the flow and thereby reduces the impact of the video.

3. Animate your whiteboard characters

Whiteboard animation videos are far more engaging than other forms of 2d animation because we get to see the characters come to life on screen. But what if the characters could be animated rather than remaining as static images on the whiteboard? Wouldn’t that be more engaging to the audience?

If you’re in marketing, design or advertising, at some point you might need use an animated cartoon whiteboard video to present an idea. Unlike a static presentations the key to this medium is keeping the customers attention and illustrating ideas in a flowing natural stye by ensuring that:

  • A whiteboard or scribble video is made with a variety simple effects:
  • A hand writing the words across the screen with a marker
  • A hand using a marker to draw a cartoon
  • Images popping in and out
  • Camera swings, pans and zooms
  • Cartoon charters with speech bubbles.

Whiteboard animation video is a goldmine you need to tap. Today, most companies use whiteboard animation videos for their promotions (advertisements), projects, etc. You can create just anything with whiteboard animation video, and that is why there is currently a large demand for this kind of videos. Before I share the whiteboard animation software free download full version it would be necessary to highlight different ways to make profit with it.

There are many ways you can utilize this opportunity and build a money making machine with it. I will be out listing the tested ways through which you can start making money using this kind of videos.

1. Sell Your Whiteboard Animation Videos On Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces on the internet. It is a place where people buy and sell GIGS (services) for $5.Create a small whiteboard animation video about your GIG and attach it to your profile as a sample for your potential clients.

Don’t also overlook this part. It gives you an edge over your competitors, and it will also make your profile to look more professional.

2. Sell Your Whiteboard Animation Videos As a Freelancer

Another way you can make money with whiteboard animation videos is through freelancing. There are a lot freelancing websites out there that are quite reliable. Elance is one of them. The site is just like Fiverr in conceptual perspective.

One major difference is the price and the services that are rendered. Here, higher quality of service equates to higher price. Other platforms you can sell your whiteboard animation service are: Upwork Guru Freelancer Seoclerks Facebooks  PeoplePerHour

3. Sell Your Whiteboard Animation Videos On Amazon

Amazon is one of the online largest marketplaces. This platform allows you to monetize your videos using their database which currently has over 240 million active users. This is a great opportunity for you, don’t waste it.

People who first published their digital books using the Amazon kindle platform still rake in tons of thousands of dollars till date.

4. Using YouTube to Make Money With Whiteboard Animation Videos

A lot of YouTubers earn big using this system. You just need to come up with some really cool videos. Give them catchy or compelling titles. And in no time you’ll start getting tons of viewers and subscribers, which equates to money.

Although, you can’t sell whiteboard animation videos on YouTube but you can monetize your channel with them. Just create some good videos about anything: stories, trending events, gossip, etc. upload them to your channel. When you start getting thousands of viewers, sign up with Google AdSense program. Google will be displaying will be displaying Ads before your videos, and in return you’ll get paid every month.

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Now what you’ve been waiting for is how to get the Whiteboard Animation Software Free Download access because it’s a paid software, So here is the answer, Join our community forum to get instant access to whiteboard animation video software full version for free and get lifetime access to other premium tools 100% free.

PS: Don’t be shy to make a post to request for the software.

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