How to Protect Your Digital Product Download Page from Theft

If you’re selling an information product on ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo or with another shopping cart method, as I understand it the customer buys the product and then is redirected to a Download Page on your own site to grab the product. How do you protect this page from being easily navigated to by people looking for your product without paying for it, and from being indexed by search engines?

One easy way is to give the site’s sub directory that contains the Download Page a name that is not guessable, sure, but what else can be done? How do you protect this page from being easily navigated to by people looking for your product without paying for it, and from being indexed by search engines?

If you provide course materials (ebooks, video trainings, online courses, webinar replays etc.) via download links in your lessons, learners could potentially share those links and anyone with a link could access those files.  Fortunately, We’ll show you how to protect your digital products in this article.

It is remarkably easy for someone to steal your intellectual property — music, designs, eBooks, software — and distribute it under their own name.

The numbers associated with piracy are staggering. Microsoft estimates that piracy costs the software industry $491B each year. Another estimate pegs the loss between $200 to $250B within the US alone.

Regardless of the numbers, one thing is clear: theft can be a serious problem when you’re selling digital products.

Before we dive into the details of digital protection, it’s important that you view it with the right frame of mind.

Simply put, there is no such thing as 100% foolproof protection when it comes to digital goods. Thousands of business around the world have been trying to solve this problem, including massive software companies like Microsoft, and they haven’t fully succeeded.

The reality of the internet is that if there is sufficient demand for a product, someone somewhere will figure out a way to access it for free.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in piracy protection at all. Instead, it means that you need to view digital products through a different lens.

So whatever protection tactics you choose, make sure that your product is a) harder to steal, and b) easier to buy.

This might mean changing your distribution tactic. For instance, instead of creating software and selling it via downloads, try turning it into a subscription model where customers pay a fixed fee to access the product each month (i.e. SaaS).

By making access easier, you will encourage more legitimate buyers and discourage theft.

WordPress Plugin to Protect Your Digital Products

One easy way to protect your product download page is to use this awesome JVZoo WP Product Download Plugin. From its name, this plugin can only work on wordpress blogs and your product must be hosted on the JVZoo platform.

This means that the download link you send to a customer upon payment would only be accessible to the buyer and no one else.

This is a free plugin created by Michael Thomas and Mark Hess. Follow this link to download JVZoo WP Product Download Plugin

This is going to help a lot of JVZoo vendors and they gave it up for free. If you are using JVZoo combined with WordPress (your thank you/download pages are hosted on your WordPress site). Michael T and Mark H have developed a simple plugin that will easily allow you to protect your download pages.

This only works with JVZoo Platform. Which means you have to make your product available on JVZoo. ONLY people who click on the “access purchase” button within JVZoo will have access to your download page.

The page cannot be directly accessed by anyone else even if the link to your download page is shared or passed around. It’s great for protecting one page download pages and customers won’t have issues gaining access to their purchase.

Setup takes seconds. There’s no optin or anything, you can download the plugin file straight to your computer right here –

Watch this video again and again for a walk through and instructions on how to install and set up. The plugin installs just like any other WordPress plugin.

It is very super easy to use.


Content theft and piracy can not only hurt your revenues but also your reputation. Anyone selling digital products should have the necessary measures in place to prevent theft. As a bare minimum, hide your product from prying eyes and secure the download area.

For further protection, create a password protected download section or create license keys for every copy of your product.

Download the WordPress plugin now to protect your digital products and watch this step by step video to set it up.

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