How to Create Videos to Drive Massive Amount of Traffic to Your Website

How to Create Powerful Videos That Improve Your Marketing Strategy – and also Drive Massive Amount of Traffic to Your Website.

We all would like our videos to go completely viral, wouldn’t we? Well some of us for sure, while other marketers are just flat afraid of video marketing. I can tell you that probably most of the video’s I’ve done have completely sucked, and still I am here alive and well, still making videos.

When you create powerful videos, you improve your marketing strategy audiences respond. Being able to create powerful videos that move others to action can boost your business. Watch them as they are passed from prospect to prospect, building their own momentum.

Video marketing is the new wave to make money online. If you are involved in internet marketing then this needs to be in your plan of attack. Creating videos is fun, Think about if your work could be fun wouldn’t you want to go to work every day?

I think you would. The point to this article is to give you a blueprint that you can use to start making money using videos now.

If you are shy about putting yourself on camera then that’s OK. Because you can hire someone else to make your videos. Yes, I said hire. You can pay a friend to record some videos for you.

Give them a script and then record them. Yes… once you make about 20 videos like that upload them all to YouTube and drive insane amounts of traffic back to your blog or product website. – that shouldn’t cost you more than $50 per video on Fiverr.

Alternatively, you can get Klippyo video app right here (helps you create any kind of video Without Recording A Single Frame Of Footage).

Creating the perfect video is not all about length. It’s about tempo and timing. It pays to get a second opinion once you’ve captured your pitch on video. Sometimes you can fall in love with your own work and have trouble cutting what needs to be cut. But this is essential to improve your marketing strategy. Attention spans have gotten shorter, not longer. If people are skipping thirty-second TV commercials, they’ll shut down your five-minute video in a heartbeat, unless you know how to create powerful videos.

If you want to drive massive traffic with your videos, then Stop Just ‘Making Video’. Start Making Videos BETTER.

Make the video that’s right for your goals. Create irresistible ads, explainers and social media videos personalized to your ambitions.

With Klippyo, you can create:

  1. Create Square Videos,
  2. Vertical Videos,
  3. Captioned Videos,
  4. Meme Videos,
  5. Compilation Videos And More…

All From A Single App, Without Recording A Single Frame Of Footage

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Truth: when the top YouTube stars make a video, they’re not just thinking ‘video’.

Because they know that in 2020, video can mean many different things.

Square or Classic. Meme videos for killer social engagement. Vertical for optimal mobile viewing. Captioned for better ad results now autoplay has been muted. Compilation vids for super-fast production.

Businesses don’t need ‘video’.

They need the RIGHT video, and that can be VERY different from whatever the latest hyped-up video app actually makes.

Even if you can’t make a video or scared to face the camera, just give Klippyo the URL of any YouTube video and it’ll import it directly into the Klippyo editor. Video, audio, the whole shebang.

And once it’s there, you can add effects, change video styles, create filters – do ANYTHING just as if you’d recorded the video yourself.

Klippyo also gives you access to an enormous stock footage library, and you can download 80 assets and use them in your videos, as many times as you like. (And yes, they all come with full commercial rights, so your clients can have stunning video too).

Any time you want a killer video out the door fast, just pick a sequence and switch it up with any client or brand specific logos and text, and you’re good to go. And because these sequences are built in Klippyo, you can change them however you want. Want to add a new video clip or shift around what’s there? You can do it in just a couple of clicks.


See How Klippyo Can Use Your Videos to Drive Massive Amount of Traffic to Your Website


Another point that can boost your traffic is by posting your videos to multiple high traffic video sharing sites. Many of you are just aware of YouTube, in fact, there are more out there.

High traffic video sharing sites include that of Google video portal, Yahoo video portal, Viddler, Revver, Blip, Metacafe, Dailymotion, blip and so many more. Just go ahead and post your videos in the appropriate categories and if your video provides good information, then naturally people will watch and want to learn from you more.

The worst mistake I see is people trying to be a success with video but just making the same type of video over and over. That doesn’t work! That sucks!

You can do so much with video these days. Like filters, filters are AWESOME, they kill it on Instagram. Square videos too. Vertical on mobile. I’ve seen killer intros that just made me go sh*t that’s so cool.

That’s what video means these days. It’s not just a tool any more, it’s a whole arsenal. You need to use all of it.

With the ENORMOUS library of footage and templates available directly within the Klippyo app, you can make pro-quality videos without even owning a camera.

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Watch the video to see how to an irresistible video in minutes


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