How to Build Hot-Selling WordPress Plugin From Scratch Without Coding

WordPress is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online by Automattic. It is the most popular free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL used by bloggers.

Due to it ease of use and extensibility, it is mostly regarded as the best platform in blogging industry standard. With their plugin management module, developers are free to build their own custom plugin to add new features.

In case you do not know, a wordpress plugin is a simple program, a set of functions, that adds a specific set of features and services that can be executed in different sections of your WordPress site.

There are categories of plugins you can decide to improve on. The choice is yours.

You can create custom plugins according to the functionality you want or your client request.

Writing and developing your own WordPress plugin shouldn’t be difficult even if you aren’t a web developer with basic PHP skills.

In fact, anyone who knows how to make and publish a post from wordpress dashboard should be able to develop professional WordPress plugin in no time with WP Development Suite.

The only thing you will need, if you have little PHP skills, is some direction, some resources, a little information on how WordPress expects your plugin to behave, and most importantly a great idea.

On the flip side, even if you can’t write a two line code; you still get to be a wordpress developer without writing a single code with WP Dev Suite. You will be able to:

  • Generate your own version of the plugin, complete with your own branding, in under 3 minutes. No coding needed.
  • Learn Programming:‘From Novice to JavaScript Guru in 2 Weeks’. this will help you know how to add more functionality to the plugins, and create new ones from scratch, with no coding skills?
  • Know how to hire the right programmer if you have no time to just sit and face your PC. You simply watch through their practical step by step video master course that takes you through quickly and easily finding the right programmer to create your hot-selling WordPress plugin… starting today!

Here’s what you get inside WP Dev Suite:

1. WP Plugin Boss

WP Plugin Boss is a SAAS (Software as a Service) that allows you to generate your own version of the plugin, complete with your own branding, in under 3 minutes. No coding needed.

Generating your version of the plugin is a simple 2-step process:

  1. Select the plugin to re-brand, and click on Rebrand this Plugin
  2. Fill out your details and click on Create Plugin!

That’s all there is to it!

After I got access to this WP Plugin Boss platform, I decided to make my very first plugin. And here was what I produced in under 5minutes.

It was so easy to re brand and produce my own plugin. All I needed to do was to fill in the button with my own plugin name and details after which I clicked on rebrand pugin.

In a matter of seconds, I was able to download my newly-created plugin, ready to be used immediately.

Here it is:

You can download and read more about what this plugin does right here

2. Learn Programming: From Novice to JavaScript Guru in 2 Weeks

JavaScript is arguably the ideal language to learn programming: it does not require a compiler or a linker, it is simple and easy to use, yet incredibly versatile.

JavaScript is the backbone that gives your web pages life and interactivity, you can use it to customize other applications that you use such as a word processor or a spreadsheet program, you can also create stand-alone programs, and even components and libraries to be used by other programming languages.

This ambitious hands-on, step-by-step course by Dr Alex Davidovic takes you from your first programming steps to becoming a JavaScript guru.

Inside the WP Dev Suite members area, you will learn how to animate text and images, capture the mouse, keyboard and other events, and direct the execution of the program accordingly.



3. WP Master Developer / Antechinus® JavaScript Editor

JavaScript IDE is the integrated set of tools, such as JavaScript debugger, Intellisense, code-complete, color-coded editing, JavaScript templates, and source code formatter / beautifier.

Inside, you will also get to uncover What you can create with it? How it works? What technologies does it support? The JavaScript Editor video below gives you the answers, and the general overview of the various facets of JavaScript IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Get instant access to the WP Master Developer Plugin Creator for WordPress right here.

4. Fail-safe Plugin Outsourcing

Nearly 50% of outsourced projects fail outright, or fail to meet expectations; how would you feel if you hire the wrong hands.

In this section, you get access to 8 solid detailed video course which takes you step-by-step through quickly and easily finding the right programmer to create your hot-selling WordPress plugin if you do not have the time to do them.

This videos are broken down into sections from: The skill set your programmer must possess (PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript) etc., the best programmer by personality, the best freelance site to go to (Not Fiverr or what you are thinking right now), how to do your own research and land the perfect programmer, how much you should pay when you find one etc.

On this platform:
  • with the WP Plugin Boss; you will be able to create your own version of hot-selling WordPress plugins without coding! I mean high quality, proven, perfectly coded WordPress plugins that is guaranteed to work with the latest version of WordPress under 10minutes.
  • you get to use the WP Master Developer; the #1 code editor for WordPress, with a set of built-in tools for rapid WP development.
  • you get a bonus comprehensive tutorial that teaches you programming in under two weeks. With this bonus, you’d be able to add more functionality to plugins, and create new ones from scratch, with no coding skills?
  • you also get a fail proof master video course that shows you step by step on how to quickly and easily hire the right programmer to create your hot-selling WordPress plugin

Another great plus inside this platform is that, you get constant updates.

Right now as I make this post, a 3D Box professionally-designed templates and scripts have just been added to the members area.

This makes things easier for you to easily create a professional 3D Boxes for Your Plugins once they are about to hit the market.

Now you’d be able to create 3D Boxes like the one below in under 5minutes.

Seriously, you get lots of values when you sign up in this WordPress Plugin development platform.

You can click here to check out this #1 platform for creating hot-selling WordPress plugins!

Some pointers you need to know:

  • If you take a look at CodeCanyon, WordPress Popular Items, you’ll see that the most popular plugins are generating thousands of sales per week, somewhat less popular plugins hundreds of sales per week. What you can do is let CodeCanyon sell your plugins for you – you don’t have to sell them yourself. Being in the top 5 can be difficult but having plugins that generate few sales every day is quite easy
  • You can Sell or give away your plugins on your own websites: If you’ve got an active blog or website? Create a plugin and showcase it on your site and SELL it on your site… Or give it away to build your list!
  • Create a plugin & Get it into the Warrior Forum as a special Offer! If you sell your plugin on the Warrior Forum as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer), the listing is only cheap and it will give you around 500 unique visitors while your offer is on the first and the second page. When it sinks to the third page, you can pay the same to get it back on top of the first page – but meanwhile, you will have made a number of sales with nice profits.
  • When you sell your plugin through JVZoo or Warrior Plus and list the launch on, you’ll get the affiliates to promote it along side recruiting them in the various groups and forums! The best part is, you don’t have to pay them until they’ve made a sale. You build your business by using the clients’ lists of your affiliates.
  • Give your plugin away for free on Popular plugins generate hundreds of thousands, even millions of downloads, and all of those people get to know you, get to use your product – with many of them interested in the Pro version and other products you have!
  • Your plugin can be a terrific bonus that gives people the strong reason to purchase other people’s products through your affiliate links and you collect the affiliate commissions. Create bonus pages offering the bonuses.

Right now, WordPress powers 26.4% of the entire web. WordPress has 59.4% market share of all Content Management Systems (CMS).

There are more than 500,000 sites powered by WordPress being created every single day – and WordPress plugins are big business. Join the WP Development Suite community today and become a professional wordpress plugin creator in less than 5minutes.

It’s so easy to get started. Simply follow this link to get in.

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