Editorial Guideline

The Editorial Guidelines are the OnlineMonthlyIncome’s values and standards. They apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received.

How To Contribute

Thank you for your interest in writing for OnlineMonthlyIncome. Before you can have your post published on this blog, it is very important you read the guidelines. We love the fact that you want to contribute to keeping the blog in a fantastic way, but a certain standard has to be met as it is not in our nature to risk quality content delivery for anything.

What Kind Of Posts Do We Approve?

Product Reviews
Computer/Internet Tips
Tips on How to Make Money Online Legitimately.
Big Tech etc.. you can take a quick scan through recently published content on the blog.


1. Articles to be submitted must be original and search engine optimized which must certainly be of high quality.

2. In the case that an article was approved and published but was later discovered to be plagiarized. It would be removed immediately.

3. Links from social profile like Google plus, Facebook and Twitter should be added to the author’s bio. [More chances for approval]

4. Ensure grammatical flaws are reduced to the barest minimum; an article submitted for approval but with too much grammatical errors would be left unattended to.

5. You must have a minimum of one high-quality image, if the image doesn’t belong to you, it must be credited appropriately.

6. Articles containing affiliate links would be rejected. Link selling, link stuffing is prohibited.

7. Any link linking to your site and deemed not useful would be removed. Do not spam your article with links.

8. Once your article is approved and published here, it automatically becomes the property of OnlineMonthlyIncome and may not appear anywhere else.

9. Any article forwarded must be a minimum of 1000 words.

10. We will contact you with a direct link once we have published your article. Please bear in mind that this may take some time while it passes through our article quality system. Most times we review articles within 48hours.

11. Signup to Gravatar.com to upload your photo – having an image in your profile is Compulsory! (Personal photos is an added advantage.

Please Note

If you want to publish a post for advertising purpose, that falls under our sponsored post category. Kindly visit this page to know more about sponsored posts.

Before submitting your article for approval, we like to believe you have agreed with our editorial guidelines.

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