Website speed is a big deal. It has a direct influence on the chances of a visitor returning, conversion rates, customer satisfaction levels and even on your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google.  In short, your website needs to be fast! How fast? Well, generally speaking, pages should be loading in less than three seconds, but, really, the faster the better (ideally more like one to two seconds).

If you are tired of writing post after post only to have Google ignore your blog? These 3 Simple Steps Could Instantly Boost Your WP Blog’s Speed By 500%.

Faster Site = Higher Rank, More Traffic, & Return Visitors!

The primary causes for a slow WordPress website are:

Web Hosting – When your web hosting server is not properly configured it can hurt your website speed.
WordPress Configuration – If your WordPress site is not serving cached pages, then it will overload your server thus causing your website to be slow or crash entirely.
Page Size – Mainly images that aren’t optimized for web.
Bad Plugins – If you’re using a poorly coded plugin, then it can significantly slow down your website.
External scripts – External scripts such as ads, font loaders, etc can also have a huge impact on your website performance.

Now that you know what slows down your WordPress website, let’s take a look at how to speed up your WordPress website super fast.

Have you ever tried searching Google, finding the site you need… only to abandon it within seconds because it’s loading slowly.

We all do it!

Your site has one chance to make a good first impression. If you fail, people will move on to the next site and never come back.

In fact…

More than 50% of visitors will instantly leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

… and 79% of them will never come back!

Google knows this and they will penalize your slow loading site.

They want to provide the best search experience for their users and that means pushing slow sites down the ranks.

It’s Not (Just) About The Money
If you are using your blog to sell products or generate ad revenue, then losing rank and bleeding visitors will obviously hurt your bottom line.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you are blogging for a living… for extra income… for fun… or for a good cause…

You always want readers to have a good experience, so they’ll come back again and again to enjoy the content you have worked so hard on creating.

That said, there are many benefits to having a fast-loading WordPress blog.

  1. You’ll rank higher in Google and other search engines
  2. You’ll get more traffic and more return visitors
  3. If you are buying Google Ads your clicks will be cheaper
  4. All of which will translate into more clicks and more sales
  5. And you’ll save money on hosting, disk space and bandwidth too.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated Either

Until now, nobody has made it easy for you to fix the issues slowing down your blog.

That’s why people usually just recommend that you use a caching plugin.

Now caching is great and can really help speed up your site…

However, it won’t fix the problems, it will only mask them.

So how do you fix the underlying problems slowing down your site?

WP Profiler is The Fastest & Easiest Way to Speed Up Your Site & Diagnose Issues in a Few Clicks. It Covers The Biggest Speed Factors… With 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes

Here’s Exactly How It Works In Just 3 Easy Steps

1-Click Install
WP Profiler is a simple plugin. This means it will work on any WordPress blog and that you can install and activate it with a single click… just like any other plugin.

Profile Your Blog
Simply run WP Profiler and you’ll get a detailed report quickly showing you all potential issues currently slowing down your blog.

1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes
The report will show you how to fix all the issues and most of them can be done automatically. That means you need zero experience, programming or technical skills to speed up your blog today.

Here’s What WP Profiler Will Do For You…

  1. Run Your Sites Up to 500% Faster & With 70% Less Bloat
  2. Help Your Site Rank Higher in Google
  3. Improve Your User Experience & Time on Site
  4. Help Reduce Bandwidth & Hosting Costs
  5. Help Reduce Your Ad Spend
  6. Increase number of simultaneous visitors
  7. Increase your opt-ins, sales & conversions
  8. Reduce Bounce Rates – Increase Time on Site

Click Here Now To Download WP Profiler



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