100% Done For You System: How To Build A Profitable List & Start Earning Autopilot Commissions Today!

List building is an essential part of any online business. If you haven’t yet started building an email list (but know you need to), this article is for you. You will discover how to build an email list on complete automation and in time, learn how to grow an email list.

So, you want to build an email list? Good!

There’s all this hype right now about Social Media. And, why not? Social Media can send you a ton of traffic if you use it the right way.

If you’re serious about growing your business, building a healthy email list should be one of your top priorities. When it comes down to it, your list is one of the only online assets that you have 100% control over. Having a solid social media presence is absolutely essential (here’s why), but you’ll always be at the mercy of new and changing algorithms (think Facebook’s Edgerank). And achieving high search engine rankings is great too, but again, you’re at the mercy of changing algorithms and updates.

Your email list, on the other hand, is yours, free and clear. Using your website and social media to attract visitors and followers, and then encouraging them to sign up for your email list gives you the opportunity to contact your prospects at any point in the future, with any kind of messaging you want; and you’re not bound by search engine rankings or social media algorithms.

This is when you start getting creative. To grow your list of future recipients, you need to make it easy and exciting for anyone to sign-up. Enticing offers need to be clear and concise with a simple action item: the opt-in form.

One of the most important elements for driving opt-ins on your website is strategically placed opt-in forms. Opt-in forms are just a fancy word for those email sign-up boxes you see on almost every site.


Popular email marketing software solutions will have handy opt-in form generators that will provide you with a snippet of code that you can just paste into various places around your site.

While it may sound excessive to add multiple opt-in forms to your website, it’s really not. If you had eye-tracking analytics monitoring every visitor to your website, you would see that they do not look at every inch your website from header to footer.

They may look at the content on a blog post or your about page, your navigation menu, or your sidebar. Hence, you need to make sure that any one spot they look at has a conversion point for your mailing list: the opt-in form.

Getting started: Here are the basic steps to grow an email list:

1. Sign up with an email marketing service.
2. Create a compelling offer or asset.
3. Create an opt-in form.
4. Put the opt-in form on your site.
5. The Fun Part: Getting Subscribers
6. Seek out guest blogging opportunities.

However, In online marketing; you need to learn how to build an email list fast. This is the best form of communicating with your customers. Even though social media gets a lot of attention, the most valuable digital channel is building your email list for free.


But how do you build a list?  What if you’re starting from ground zero — no email list whatsoever? Covert Commissions is all you need.

Covert Commissions is an 100% done for you system that helps you build a hands-free, profitable email list and also makes you to start earning autopilot commissions.

This system is:

  • FULLY CLOUD HOSTED: Nothing to install, update
  • DONE FOR YOU: Never write, make or build
  • AUTOMATED TRAFFIC With in built WordPress Plugin

If you want to make any significant amount of money online… You need to build a list!

Everyone have been telling you this, because it’s a simple fact.

What they’re probably not telling you, is that building a profitable list can be a very long journey riddled with failures, hard work and a lot of wasted time and money.

It requires a lot more than just putting up a lead capture page.

You need to put together a funnel system with squeeze pages, an enticing freebie, thank-you and download pages and a high converting follow up series.

And you need to put this together for every single product or niche you want to build a list for. 

You can instantly use COVERT COMMISSIONS to start building your own profitable list and earn affiliate commissions on autopilot from day 1.

Even better… you can do all of this without ever writing a single word yourself.

Instead of having to create all of the pages, make the download gifts, deliver them all… AND, write all of the emails, create followup promotions and pay for hosting and extra accounts…

Everything is completely done for you. Simply add your affiliate ID’s into your profile and they’re done.

I know this probably seems to good to be true…

So let’s take a few minutes and have a look at the system and everything you’ll find inside your members area:

Here’s Exactly What You Get Inside Covert Commissions:

  1. Build A Profitable List & Earn Commission In Any Niche!

Simply select one of their commission systems to get started. They cover almost all niches and product types, from dating to WordPress and everything in between… No matter what you are interested in…we have you covered!

2. A High Converting Squeeze Page With A “Bribe” That Sucks In Subscribers!

These beautiful, high converting squeeze pages come with a custom report or software gift that will entice people to opt in and help convert them into paying customers. Covert Commissions host the pages and gifts… everything is set up and you are immediately ready to promote the link we give you.

3. Fully Integrated Funnel That Generates Sales On Autopilot!

Once people sign up they will go through our tested and proven funnel of thank-you, confirmation and download pages. This is already set up for you and each of these page is highly optimized with integrated ads that will automatically generate affiliate sales for you.

4. Professionally Written Follow Emails That Will Earn You Recurring Income For Years 

Once people are on the list they will be tagged to your affiliate ID for life! We will send them professionally written follow up emails promoting solid evergreen products and exciting new launches in the relevant niche.

All emails will use your affiliate link so you always get the affiliate commissions… doesn’t matter if it’s two years from now.

5. No Setup & Everything Hosted For You At No Extra Cost

You don’t need to install or configure anything. We host all your pages and run the autoresponder follow up system for you, at no cost. Covert Commissions is entirely cloud based and you’ll find everything you need inside the member’s area, so you can get started immediately.

All you have to do is just send traffic while they do the rest.

  • STEP 1: Send traffic to the squeeze page link we give you, using the copy/paste tools we provide.
  • STEP 2: There is actually no step 2!
    You just sit back, relax and watch as the commissions start rolling in

Covert Commission will even show and help you drive massive traffic.

Sending traffic to your squeeze page links is literally the only thing you need to do in order to make a healthy income with this system. They do realize that sending traffic can be difficult for some, especially if you are a beginner.

So… inside the member’s area you’ll find

  • All the promotional tools you need already created and embedded with your information, so you can simply copy and paste
  • Their full step-by-step training system showing you exactly how to drive traffic using the tools we’ve given you.
  • They will show you exactly how their most successful members are sending traffic to their pages.
  • some more experienced methods that you can use to really ramp up your success too, but you can take this at your own pace and best of all, earn as you learn!

There’s a very real reason why you need to move fast on this opportunity today.

As you have seen:

– There is no hosting for you to pay
– There are no autoresponder bills for you to dish up each month
– There are no writing/creating/building fees AT ALL

And they’re even giving you their traffic solution too!

If you leave this page now, without creating your account on convert commission, I can not guarantee that this offer will be available when you go back later!

I highly recommend that you read all benefits in convert commissions and take action right now. Take advantage while you still can.

Covert Commissions will keep on making you earn passive affiliate commissions for life.

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