10 Really Strange Websites You Must Not See


This is a lovely website really but in a geeky and odd way, and it can be useful especially if you are having a bad day. All you need to do is to press a button if you are in a dire situation.

Darth Vader FML

So if you ever feel like screaming really loud at work but you can’t because you will get fired, just visit nooooooooooooooo.com, put your headphones on, click the button as many times as you like and let Darth Vader do the job for you. It’s just their part to add to the hilarity of the world. I was getting scared tho after pressing the button several times. Wanna try? Visit http://nooooooooooooooo.com/


This website is pretty self-explanatory since all you get here is what you ask for. Is it Christmas? If today isn’t christmas, it’s obvious you will be getting a “NO”


This website will give you a plain answer, a big fat no, except, of course, if you check it on December 25th. It is ideal for all the anxious peeps who can’t wait to see Santa climbing down their chimney once again.


Strange right? Anyone ever thought of registering such a domain name? Only the weird ones will surely do that. 111111111……com Sorry couldnt get the actual number of 1’s just not passing any ideal information.


A quick look at this site shows the owner’s bizarre obsession with the number 1 and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arguably one of the craziest sites there has ever been.


Things are simple and “normal” on this site, really. For a donation of $5 per word (with a five-word minimum), the dude in charge of this site will have telegrams delivered to people who have passed away. Awkward?


This is of course done with the help of terminally ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed, and this is how the site ended up with the name “afterlife telegram.”’ lol 🙂


All right, so here’s one of the most brilliantly bizarre ideas one will probably ever find on the Internet: a site that will reassure you and confirm that your computer is on. Crazy isn’t it, since your PC has to be on before you could even access the site.


Now how exactly anyone will ever manage to ensure their computers are actually off on this site is quite an impossibility seeing as you need to be on your computer to access the site to see if your computer is off.

Well, I guess this is just one of those mysteries to be added to the X-file pile that not even Einstein would have been able to solve.


I really don’t know how to describe such a bizarre, absurd-looking site since I am unable of knowing whether the man (or woman) behind this site is mentally unstable and wants to mess with people’s heads or if they’re really a genius whom the vast majority of us can’t understand simply because we are not on their level.


I’ve tried to go through it a couple of times, but I just couldn’t make it. Maybe you can. Kindly tell us what you think about this site and robots in the comment section below.


A man who sounds like Shaka Zulu welcomes you to the site repeatedly or, to be more accurate, he welcomes you nonstop and reassures you that it will be another blessed day for you and you will be able to achieve every goal you’ve set simply because you’re awesome.


So if you’re looking for motivation and you fancy voices with heavy African accents, this is the site for you to start your day off. I actually love this idea tho… Thumbs Up.


Who doesn’t like to learn all the big news first? Especially news coming from the future. Everyone would certainly want to know what tomorrow beholds but then only God can.

future news

News of future promises to tell you all you want to know about how the future will look in the next fifty years or so, and invites all the citizens of the world to take part in shaping it and making history. Want to see what the future holds? Go here newsoffuture.com


This is a one hundred percent free dating and social networking site for zombies.


Zombie lovers, zombie haters, zombie groupies, and zombie survivalists among other related groups of people related to the undead. There’s nothing strange about this website whatsoever, right?


If you’re not the patient type then we would advise you to never visit this site because it will do to you exactly what it was designed for: piss you off to the point where you want to throw your laptop out the window of your fifth-floor apartment.


For that matter, even if you’re the patient type but have a slow connection your nerves and tranquility will be seriously challenged as you will wait for almost a century and a day until this page fully loads.

Okay, you think i’m pulling your legs right. Check out the site at patience-is-a-virtue.org

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